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​Wrinkle Treatment/Botox Instructions

What to Expect

During your anti-wrinkle appointment for Botox or Xeomin, you will have a chance to have your questions answered and meet with the provider prior to injections. Once intake is completed an injector will assess your area(s) of concerns and tell you how many units you will need for each area. Each dose is dependent on muscle strength and movement so every dose will vary person to person. The injector will have you make faces or clench the muscles that will be injected to get an accurate injection point.


Units are drawn up and injected into the areas of concern where the muscles contract. Only wrinkles surrounding muscle movement can be treated effectively with neuromodulators such as Xeomin and Botox. If your forehead dose is 35 units this DOES NOT mean you will receive 35 pokes, some injection areas will need multiple units. You shouldn’t feel pain, just a slight pinch and no burning from the solution itself. Once injections are over there is typically no pain. You may have small bumps that resemble mosquito bites for 20 minutes as the solution is absorbed into the muscles.


Full results can take up to 14 days, most of our patients see results within one week of treatment. Because every dose is dependent on muscle strength and movement your dose is calculated to the best of our ability but sometimes a touch up is needed. If you are uneven or notice a wrinkle has not relaxed we will see you back two weeks after your original appointment.


Try our patient favorite product, Xeomin! It’s just like Botox but newer and is quickly becoming a favorite everywhere.


Appointment time: 30 Minutes

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Patient Experience:

I've battled with stubborn lines and deep wrinkles for years, and Xeomin has truly been my saving grace! Before my Xeomin session, Ashley ensured I was well-informed about the procedure, patiently answering all my questions and making me feel at ease. With a freshly cleansed face, the process began. The Xeomin injections themselves were surprisingly gentle. When the treatment concluded, my face had a few small red marks from the injections, which faded quickly. Following her guidance, I let the Xeomin settle in, and avoided the gym. Over the next few days, I noticed the Xeomin working, and my skin began to transform. Deep wrinkles that had bothered me for years softened, and my overall appearance looked more youthful. A week after treatment I was thrilled to discover a smoother, more refreshed version of myself in the mirror. My experience with Xeomin has been nothing short of exceptional, and I'm hooked! If you're looking for a non-invasive solution that delivers incredible results, Xeomin is the way to go – it truly exceeded my expectations!


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