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Chemical Peels

Get Glowing

Chemical Peels improve skin texture and firmness, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles. Peels also even out skin tone, improve acne-prone skin and reduce pore size appearance.

We offer a selection of superficial to medium depth peels from AlumierMD known for their excellent results and safety profile. We suggest repeated treatments for progressive and gradual results, which also avoids the side effects and downtime that is associated with deeper peels. When peels are performed regularly, the skin gets conditioned to this process and begins to rejuvenate itself like younger skin. To be sure that the body doesn’t react to this deep exfoliation as it would to trauma, which can lead to pigment changes, exfoliation must be introduced gradually giving the skin time to adjust.


At Ilios Medical Spa we will complete a thorough skin analysis and recommend an individualized treatment program to address your skin concerns. We will create a personalized program that combines professional treatments with home care products as they work together to improve the health and beauty of skin.

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