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About Us

Meet Our Team

Ilios Medical Spa was founded by three RN sisters. They developed their loved for Aesthetic Medicine from their mom, who is a Master Esthetician. Together they desire to provide a higher standard of service and professionalism for patients.


“We have been humbled to be able to see, and treat, a wide array of patients with various aesthetic concerns. We have learned with each other in training, we share new ideas and research the best treatments we can offer to our patients. As we have developed relationships with our patients we have listened and worked as a team to meet their aesthetic desires.


Aesthetic procedures are not without risk, and our providers are prepared to safely care for our patients. Our injectors have extensive knowledge and training in facial anatomy and injection techniques. Each patient will receive an individualized treatment plan tailored to their specific needs and desired outcomes. We are obsessed with being on the leading edge of beauty trends and are continually investing in our education and advanced training to provide you with the best experiences possible. We are proud to share our wealth of knowledge with you as you embark upon your journey of becoming your most beautiful, confident, and radiant self. With so many options available, we are here to guide you in your individualized beauty journey. We are excited to discuss your goals, review your facial characteristics and evaluate your skin, where we can discuss your goals and help to optimize your experience


Makenna Graff, RN BSN (soon to be NP)

Kenna is currently a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner student. As an injector, she strives to provide her patients with perfectly natural appearing beauty enhancements. She loves helping others feel more confident. Makenna is passionate about all things anti-aging as well as, regenerative medicine, nutrition, and optimal wellness.

Makenna offers advanced injections of Dermal Fillers and Botox, PRF Injections, and Microneedling + PRF.

She recently eloped and married her best friend Geoff. They have a fur baby Stevie and all of them enjoy traveling and exploring the outdoors. Kenna also enjoys yoga and handstanding in her free time.


Madi Ellis, RN

Madi got her Associate Degree from UVU, and then went on to get her Associate in Nursing from Ameritech College of Healthcare. During her last semester of nursing school, she completed her Capstone in a Plastic surgeons office, where she spent time learning from their Aesthetic Injector/Head Surgical Nurse. She then completed Injectology training in Botox and Dermal Fillers from Josh Arnold, PA.

Madi’s favorite part about being an Aesthetic Injector is making women and men feel more beautiful and confident in their own skin. She is passionate about all things beauty, anti-aging, and helping out her fellow friends who suffer from Migraines.

When she’s not working she’s out with her boyfriend, friends or family. Madi skis/snowboards, loves to travel and have a good time.

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Ashley Ellis, RN

Ashley, the oldest of the sister Injectors. Prior to becoming an Injector Ashley was a Paramedic and is now celebrating 10 years in the medical field. She graduated from UVU with a Bachelor Degree in Emergency Services and Ameritech for Nursing. She then followed her mother’s footsteps in opening a Medical Spa, Ellis & Co. with her sisters Madi and Kenna.

Ashley trained at National Institute of Medical Aesthetics for Advanced Exfoliations, and completed injection training with Dr. Ayers and N.P Chrissy Bushell where she learned the art of injecting Dermal Fillers and Botox. She continues her education by doing regular trainings and collaborating with other injectors for new techniques.

Ashley also provides Hair Growth Restoration, Microneedling + PRF, Dermablading, and Advanced Laser treatments.

In her spare time she enjoys camping, boating, golfing and traveling with family. She recently just started Ice Fishing

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