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Lip Enhancement Treatment Instructions

Lip Enhancement Treatment Instructions

What to Expect

We suggest Microneedling on a day you can go home to relax. After Microneedling + PRF the treated area will have a layer of blood product that will soak in over the next few hours. The longer the PRF can sit, the better results will be. After the area is washed it will look like a mild sunburn for up to 72 hours.


Light makeup is acceptable after 24 hours. Over the next few weeks the treated area may feel like sandpaper and begin to scab- DO NOT PICK- this is normal and picking can lead to scarring.


Full healing takes 4-6 weeks, maintaining a daily skin regimen and eating healthy will extend longevity of treatment. Multiple treatments may be recommended to reach full potential, results last 12-18 months once fully treated. Scars/stretch marks that have been treated have the ability to be permanently reduced.


Important: Discontinue Vitamin C, Retinols, Salicylic Acid for 7 days prior, may resume 7 days post treatment. Avoid sun for 2 weeks prior with daily sunscreen use. Please tell your provider if you take any medications that thin the blood.

Appointment time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Patient Experience:

I have suffered from discoloration, acne scars, redness, and uneven skin tone. The PRF with Microneedling made my skin glow and in just a couple of weeks it was clear and even! 


Two weeks before my treatment I stayed out of the sun and moisturized my face daily. I went to my appointment with a clean face. When I arrived, I was greeted and we went over all the risks and benefits, I was able to ask all my questions and was really excited to get started! Before the treatment, my skin was prepped with numbing cream and then sanitized. The Microneedling went fast but it was thorough, and it didn’t hurt much at all. The PRF dried on my face and it looked like I had a red face mask on, I was told that leaving it for the day would give me the best results, so I did! Afterwards my skin was fresh and hydrated, it scabbed for a few days and I protected it by staying out of the sun while it healed. Within about a week my skin was so smooth and glow-y! I’m also terrified of needles and Ashley did an amazing blood draw for my Microneedling treatment and made me very comfortable about the whole process! 


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