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About Us

Ilios Medical Spa was founded by three RN sisters. They developed their love for Aesthetic Medicine from their mom, who is a Master Esthetician. Together they desire to provide a higher standard of service and professionalism for patients.


We have been humbled to be able to see, and treat, a wide array of patients with various aesthetic concerns. We have learned with each other in training, we share new ideas and research the best treatments we can offer to our patients. As we have developed relationships with our patients we have listened and worked as a team to meet their aesthetic desires.

Aesthetic procedures are not without risk, and our providers are prepared to safely care for our patients. Our injectors have extensive knowledge and training in facial anatomy and injection techniques. Each patient will receive an individualized treatment plan tailored to their specific needs and desired outcomes. We are obsessed with being on the leading edge of beauty trends and are continually investing in our education and advanced training to provide you with the best experiences possible. We are proud to share our wealth of knowledge with you as you embark upon your journey of becoming your most beautiful, confident, and radiant self. With so many options available, we are here to guide you in your individualized beauty journey. We are excited to discuss your goals, review your facial characteristics and evaluate your skin, where we can discuss your goals and help to optimize your experience.

Meet Our Team

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Ashley Ellis



Madi Ellis



Makenna Graff


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