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Lips Enhancement

Kisses dream about lips like yours

Are you considering getting lip enhancements but want to make sure your results are natural-looking? Here is how you can achieve your goal. The use of dermal fillers is the most popular lip enhancement method among those who want natural-looking lip augmentation. We will guide you toward the right lip filler for your unique facial structure, natural lip tissue and desired outcomes. 


Beautiful Smile

It’s always best to start small with injections as the treatment can be repeated if the results are not dramatic enough. We start with injecting a small amount and build up to the patient’s desired results allowing time for the lip tissue to accommodate the added volume. However, even if you find your lips have too much volume after an injection, you can be reassured that the results are not permanent. Results last roughly 12 months but can be dissolved at any time. 

After your lip injections, you may experience some redness and irritation along with some possible asymmetry (due to swelling). However, these should fade in the days following injections. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the volume that has been achieved with your filler, you can come back to have more filler injected. If you’re ready to achieve natural-looking lips with restored volume and plumpness We will PLUMP YOU UP.

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