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Long Hair

Hair Restoration Instructions

PRF hair restoration is thought to stimulate and strengthen existing hair follicles but it does not create new hair follicles or restore follicles that have died. Thinning hair is proven to benefit from PRF treatments, but is not used to treat complete baldness due to the lack of surviving follicles. There are alternative forms to PRF scalp treatments that are non-surgical and surgical. Non-surgical alternatives consist of pharmaceutical therapy such as Propecia (finasteride), topical treatments such as Rogaine, and homeopathic treatments. The surgical alternatives of aesthetic injectables are Follicular Unit Extraction and FUT (strip procedure). Depending on your specific hair loss situation will determine which treatment option is best to achieve your desired results.

What to Expect

Depending on the amount of hair covering the scalp the patient's treatment may be concealed if hair is long. If the hair is too sparse or short the treatment may be noticed by others and if you are wanting to conceal treatment we suggest treating on a day where you can go home and relax.

To minimize risk of infection please wash your hair/scalp the morning of your appointment and do not use hair products including hairspray, gels, leave in conditioner etc. Your hair and scalp should be as clean as possible when arriving.

Prior to treatment you will go over your medical history and any questions you have will be answered by your Injector. Once consents are signed and you feel comfortable proceeding your scalp will be numbed and then cooled for comfort. Blood will be drawn similar to a routine blood draw. The blood tubes are then placed in a centrifuge and will spin at appropriate settings to yield the highest amount of PRF cells.

During injection we use a specific type of needle that's called a "Mesotherapy Needle''. This allows us to inject multiple sites at the same time and tricks your scalp into thinking it is one injection, it also makes treatment 3x faster.

Post injections you can expect mild to moderate bruising around injection sites. Cool compresses can be used for comfort, you will be provided an ice pack. Antibiotic ointment is applied and may make your hair greasy. Avoid wearing hats for 24 hours post treatment.

Appointment Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Cost: Partial Scalp $500, Full Scalp $800, Beard $300, Spot Treatment $300

Treatment Results: The hair grows in cycles that are roughly 6 weeks, therefore results may take time to notice as the follicles repair and start growing. Results vary, those who continue using Nutrafol at home have increased results. Amount of treatments needed also varies, we suggest 3-6 treatments initially and then maintenance sessions quarterly or bi-yearly depending on individual needs.

Treatment Packages: Packages are available at a discounted price, schedule an appointment for an individual plan of care.

Patient Experience:

I had some health problems that ended up making me lose my hair. After my health was no longer at risk I started to seek treatment for what was left of my hair. During my consultation my previous health problems were addressed as well as my desired outcome. After assessing my scalp I was told my follicles were still there but badly damaged, I would need up to 6 treatments for full results. However after my third appointment I was already seeing the results I expected after all 6. After my fourth treatment I had reached my desired results. I will now use the two additional treatments for maintenance appointments.

During the appointments I was numbed and my scalp felt cool and tingly. Getting injections isn't my favorite thing but the cooling really helps and the Injectors all ask how I'm doing to ensure I'm not in pain. Treatment has given me a headache so I take a Tylenol prior to appointments and that's seemed to help! Losing my hair was one of the most upsetting experiences I've been through. I have my confidence back and hair I'm proud of! I wish I would have known sooner.


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